About Us

PinUp Presents is a family of like-minded individuals & industry professionals dedicated to bettering our music community, growing our local scenes and helping musicians & artists achieve their dreams. With over 50 years of collective experience we strive to always work hard, remain humble and be a positive influence to our communities and pass on the knowledge of the things that help shaped not only us, but our business’ & careers as well. We know there is no “How To” guide for the music industry on the local, regional or national level. So over the years we have grown from not just putting on shows but helping with artist development and offering social media assistance & consultation to upcoming bands and brands. We also offer private event bookings, are able to connect you to print shops for your band merchandise, reference graphic artists, experts that can facilitate website design, and even help to connect you to other companies that can facilitate your need if we cannot.

Thank you for visiting PinUpPresents.net the home of PinUp Productions, PinUp Artist Management & PinUp Media! Lets work together today and remember that this is OUR scene and TOGETHER we make it great!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at Contact@PinUpPresents.net