Tamerlane is a six-piece, post-hardcore band from Los Banos, California. Fast paced and highly energetic, Tamerlane takes on any stage, delivering a crowd pleasing performance one will not forget. The band hit the ground running by playing their first show with Asking Alexandria in 2013. In November 2015, Tamerlane released their first EP, My Enemy | My Friend and followed it up with a video for their first single, “Passive | Impressive.” Since then, Tamerlane has played with national acts such at I See Stars, The Color Morale, and The Word Alive.

With two fronting vocalists, audience interaction is never a problem for these veterans of aggressive music. From brutal breakdowns, electronic rhythms, melodic choruses, and crowd sing alongs, Tamerlane has mastered that sound for everyone. If there is one thing you should know about this band, it is that they are dedicated, hardworking, and will ensure that you leave every show with a night to remember.